Subscription Management

Subscription Creation

Create subscriptions with complete flexibility to meet your business needs.

Subscription Creation via API

$ curl -u access_id:secret_key \ \
  -d plan_id=plan_tuOWN0Sc0uMB4s8E \
  -d customer_id=cust_2WmsQoSRZMWWkcZg \
  -d billing_cycle_count=5

Subscription Creation via Merchant Portal

Go to Portal > Subscription > New Subscription and follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Select a customer for the Subscription.
  2. Select a product for the Subscription. Products with associated pricing plans will be only available in the dropdown.
  3. Enter no. of billing cycle to indicate the duration of the billing period.
  4. Click on Save.

You may set your preference for collecting payments during subscription creation.

  • If you want Payabbhi to take care of automatic payment collection from your customer, you need to set the billing_method=automatic while creating subscription via API.

In this case, the newly created subscription status is set to Created.

  • If you create a subscription via Merchant portal, then billing_methodis always set to manual. So your customer needs to pay the invoices via Payabbhi hosted payment gateway.

The newly created subscription status is automatically set to Active.

Subscription with seat-based billing model

If you want to support the seat-based billing model, then you need to pass the number of the seats/users as quantity while creating a subscription via API or Merchant Portal.

Subscription with trial period

If you want to offer your subscription with a trial period :

Pass in the trial_end_at parameter while creation subscription via API Mention the Trial Period while creating subscription via Merchant Portal.

Subscription Management

Payabbhi allows you to manage your subscriptions easily on the go. Just access your account either programmatically via API or via Portal > Subscriptions.

Subscription Search and Filter

Subscription search and filter operations are available via Portal > Subscriptions as well as via API.

Business Benefit: This may help you in answering customer queries or getting business insights.

Subscription Search

You may search subscriptions by Subscription ID or Plan ID or Customer’s email.

Subscription Filter

You may filter subscriptions based on a particular criterion and view them together. A filter criterion can be formed on basis of the following business parameters.

  • Billing Method
  • Creation timestamp
  • Status

Subscription Detail

As soon as you create a subscription or when you select a subscription, you’ll be able to see the subscription details screen. Subscription details screen displays an overview of the subscription with available actions.

You may check the recurring invoices generated for this subscription in this section.

Subscription Cancellation

Cancellation of a subscription can be initiated either programmatically via Subscription Cancellation API or via Portal > Subscriptions.

Subscription Cancellation via API

Cancel a subscription via Cancel Subscription API.

$ curl -u access_id:secret_key -X POST \

By default, the cancellation takes effect immediately and the subscription status is automatically set to Cancelled.

But, if you want to cancel the subscription at the end of the current billing cycle, you may pass at_billing_cycle_end = true.

$ curl -u access_id:secret_key -X POST \
  -d at_billing_cycle_end=true \

Subscription Cancellation via Merchant Portal

  1. Go to Portal > Subscriptions.
  2. Search subscriptions by any search criteria.
  3. Click on Cancel button for the subscription, which you would like to cancel.
  4. You may select the option for cancellation at the end of the billing cycle.

Please note that a subscription can not be cancelled when a subscription is in expired or completed state.

If a subscription is in trial, then it is always cancelled immediately.

If the subscription is cancelled in past_due or on_hold state, all unpaid invoices for that subscription is automatically voided. This ensures that no automatic payment attempt of the invoice is made by Payabbhi.

If you want to charge your customers for any invoice item included as part the void invoice, you need to include that as part of a new invoice. This way you may bill your customer for the add-on part of the subscription.

This is the end state of the subscription. Once a subscription is cancelled, no further invoices are generated for that subscription.

If you want to reactivate the cancelled subscription, you have to create a new subscription with the same set of information of the cancelled subscription.

Customer Communication

Payabbhi allows you to have deeper control on customer communication throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customers are notified via email on the following important lifecycle events:

  • Creation of a new subscription.
  • On cancellation of an active subscription.
  • On completion of a subscription.
  • When an offer for the trial period is going to end soon.
  • When an automated payment attempt for a billing period has been failed.
  • When the payment attempt for a billing period is being retried by the platform.
  • When a subscription is put on-hold due to non payment of billing charges.