Payments Acceptance

How can I try out the payment experience offered by Payabbhi?

Payabbhi Checkout can be experienced via our live demo. The transaction amount of Rs. 1 will be refunded to your account within 3-6 business days.

Do you support payment acceptance via Mobile Apps?

We provide Payabbhi Android SDK and iOS SDK for native Apps. We also support hybrid apps using Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap. Refer to Mobile SDKs section for details.

Do you support payment acceptance via standard Shopping cart solutions?

Yes, we do. Refer to Shopping Cart plugins section for details. If you do not see what you are looking for, drop us a line and we will add it in no time.

Do you support international credit cards?

Yes. We support payments acceptance via international credit cards. However this facility is enabled on a per Merchant-basis only receiving a specific request. Do note that enablement may take some time due to risk evaluation and further verification.

What currencies does Payabbhi support?

Currently, only INR is supported as the final settlement currency by Payabbhi.

Do you support EMI option for online payments?

Yes, we do. However, EMI option is enabled on specific request from a Merchant and is generally offered to businesses based on evaluation criteria like average ticket size etc. (since minimum transaction value of Rs. 3000 is required for a customer to be eligible for EMI option).

Can I send an email or sms receipt to my customer?

Yes. We recommend that you trigger an email or sms communication from your system after receiving a Verified Payment Response from Payabbhi as part of Checkout flow.

Can I make payments against an order which was earlier failed due to some reason?

Yes. Payment attempts can be made against an order until the order is paid.

Can you help us to integrate Payabhhi with our business?

Write to us with details and we will attempt to respond accordingly.