Invoice Management

Payabbhi allows you to manage your invoices easily on the go. Just access your account either programmatically via API or via Portal > Invoices.

Invoice Search and Filter

Invoice search and filter operations are available via Portal > Invoices as well as via API.

Business Benefit: This may help you in answering customer queries or getting insights for your business operation functions.

Invoice Search

You may search invoices by Invoice ID or Invoice No or Customer’s email.

Invoice Filter

You may filter invoices based on a particular criterion and view them together. A filter criterion can be formed on basis of the following business parameters.

  • Range of invoice amount
  • Creation timestamp
  • Status
  • Billing Method
  • Due Date

Invoice Detail

As soon as you create an invoice or when you select an invoice, you’ll be able to see the invoice details screen. Invoice details screen displays an overview of the invoice with available actions.

You may check how many payment attempts have been made for this invoice. Even copy and share the payment link via email, sms and social media. You may also download the invoice in PDF format from this screen.

Resend Invoice to Customer

In case your customer has requested for resending the invoice, it is easily possible via Portal > Invoices.

Steps for resending from the Merchant Portal :

  1. Go to Portal > Invoices.
  2. Search invoices by any search criteria
  3. Click on Resend button for the invoice, which you would like to resend to the customer.

Resend option is available when an invoice is in issued or payment attempted state.

Get copies of Invoice in PDF format

You may want to keep a local reference of any invoice, for your accounting purpose. An invoice can be downloaded in PDF format from the Invoice Detail screen of the Portal > Invoices. Even you may download that from the hosted invoice itself.

Void an Invoice

Voiding or cancellation of an invoice can be initiated either programmatically via Invoice Cancellation API or via Portal > Invoices.

Invoice Cancellation via API

  • Cancel an invoice via Cancel Invoice API.

  • The invoice status is automatically set to Void.

$ curl -u access_id:secret_key -X POST \

Invoice Cancellation via Merchant Portal

  1. Go to Portal > Invoices.
  2. Search invoices by any search criteria
  3. Click on Cancel button for the invoice, which you would like to cancel.

Please note that invoice cancellation can be initiated only when an invoice is in issued or payment_attempted state.

Once cancelled, the customer doesn’t owe anything for that invoice and the invoice status is set to void. This is the end state of any invoice. If the customer clicks on the payment link shared with the invoice, it should show an error message as “Invoice is cancelled, please contact Merchant for further assistance.


You may avail the daily and monthly Invoice Report for your reconciliation purpose. These reports are available in Portal > Reports section.

Customer Communication

Payabbhi allows you to have deeper control on customer communication throughout the customer lifecycle.

Send invoice via Payabbhi

Once the invoice is issued, Payabbhi automatically sends email to your customer. The email is sent to the email address associated with your customer in Payabbhi. Please find below our recommendation before issuing an invoice :

  • Ensure you have entered the correct email address while creating customer in Payabbhi.
  • Ensure customization of your brand information in Payabbhi.

Sharing invoices with customers are taken care for both one-off and recurring invoice with billing_mehod = manual. Payabbhi doesn’t share invoice when billing_method = automatic for recurring invoices.

Send email from your system

You may want to share email to your customers for other invoice lifecycles as well.

Some use cases are mentioned below :

  • You may want to remind your customers for past due payments or expected payment due date
  • You may want to send a branded thank you note for paid invoice.

Payabbhi sends webhooks to your application for various lifecycle events as invoice.paid and invoice.past_due. Once you receive the webhook, you may configure to send email from your system as well.

Thus, Payabbhi provides you the flexibility of your customer communication as per your need.


Establish your brand identity

Payabbhi takes care of your branding by enabling customization of the invoice, notification email that you send to your customers and hosted payment page. You just need to ensure that your business logo, business display name and theme colour are configured in Portal > Settings > Business Logo & Theme Color. The rest is taken care by Payabbhi keeping in mind your brand identity and customer delight.