When is the payout amount transferred to my bank account?

Usually, payout amounts are processed in t+ 2 business days, t being the transaction date. Do note that Payouts happen only on bank business days.

Why has there been a delay in payout to my Bank Account?

Payouts happen only on bank business days. Payouts scheduled on bank holidays and weekends will be received when your bank opens for business functions.

How do I know that the money has been transferred to my Bank Account?

You will receive an email from our nodal banking partner once the payout has been initiated to your registered bank account. Please check the Payment advice shared in that email for further clarity.

Can you pay the settlement amount by cheque?

No. The payout will happen directly to your bank account registered with us.

Is there any reference number by which I can identify the payout in my bank account?

The unique reference number (UTR) is mentioned in the settlement report shared by Payabbhi. This can be used to identify the payout for any particular settlement in your bank account.

How do I get detailed breakup of the payout amount deposited in my Bank Account?

Please check the Settlement Report shared by Payabbhi at the end of each settlement cycle. This report contains the Payments for which the settlement has been done.

How do I get to know how much has been deducted as Payabbhi fees for any Payment transaction?

Go to Portal > Payments and click on any Payment. Check the Total Fees amount mentioned at the bottom of the Payment Detail page. Fees deducted for any Payment is also mentioned in the Settlement Report.

Why am I not receiving Settlement report via email from Payabbhi?

Go to Portal > My Account and check if your email id is registered as operational email id. Settlement Report is shared only with the operation email id registered with Payabhhi during Account Activation.