API Keys

Live and Test modes

Payabbhi platform operates in two modes for each account: live and test.

Live mode is for live transactions where payments and related operations like capture, refund etc. are processed by Banks or PSPs and hence result in actual movement of money.

In test mode, payments and related operations are short-circuited and do not reach Banks or PSPs. Hence, no movement of money takes place.

API keys

Your Payabbhi account provides separate sets of test and live mode API keys .

API keys refer to access_id and secret_key. These are typically needed to invoke an API.

Access ID

Access ID refers to a publishable key which identifies a Payabbhi Account. It is alright to publish this is in a location which is publicly accessible (e.g. in your front-end HTML mark-up or JavaScript code which integrates with Web Checkout or in an Android or iPhone app which integrates with Mobile Checkout).

Secret Key

The Secret Key determines the privileges associated with a Payabbhi Account. It may be considered similar to a password in this respect. The Secret Key should therefore be kept confidential. It should never be shared in client-side code or any other location where it becomes publicly accessible.