Payabbhi allows for payments integration in a few, easy steps with the help of:

  • Integration Guides
  • Client Libraries and SDKs
  • Sample Apps
  • Snippets of well-documented code

Order Creation

Your server-side code should be able to call our APIs typically by using one of our Client Libraries.

  1. Create an Order using Create Order API.

    • Let the identifier of the customer order, booking etc. at your end be denoted by merchant_order_id. This merchant_order_id should be passed to Create Order API.

    • Payment against the Order may be auto-captured by passing payment_auto_capture = true

  2. Pass the unique order_id returned by Payabbhi API to your front-end (web or mobile).

    • Create Order API returns a unique order_id.
    • The unique order_id should first be persisted in your database against the merchant_order_id. This is required for your Server-side code to be able to retrieve your own merchant_order_id using the order_id returned by Payabbhi in the Signed Payment Response at the end of the Checkout flow.
    • The unique order_id should then be passed to your front-end (web or mobile).

Payment Initiation

  1. Initiate Payment via Web Checkout or Mobile Checkout - Android / iOS.

    • The unique order_id obtained from the Server-side API call should be passed to Checkout (JS API / Mobile SDK) call.
  2. On payment success, a Signed Payment Response is returned by Checkout.

    • In case of Drop-in Checkout, the Payment Response is automatically submitted to your Server-side code.

Verification of Payment Response

  1. Payment Response can be verified by your Server-side code, typically using our Client Library.

  2. On passing the verification check, retrieve the merchant_order_id at your end.

    • The order_id from the Payment response should be used to perform the lookup.
  3. The order that was retrieved from your end should now be considered as paid and an appropriate message should be displayed to your customer.

  4. It is recommended that the payment_id from the Payment response is persisted against the Order at your end.

To verify your integration, you may call the Payments API or check Portal > Payments.

Payment Capture (optional)

In case, you have set payment_auto_capture = false when creating the Order, the corresponding payment needs to captured via Capture Payment API.

  • You may retrieve the payment_id for an Order as per the Order Management life-cycle at your end.
  • The payment can then be captured using the payment_id. Refer to Capture Payment API