How do I start using Payabbhi?

To begin, sign up for your Payabbhi Account from the Portal. This account gives full access to Payabbhi platform in test mode. Once Payments Acceptance workflow is integrated with your app/website, submit activation request at Portal > Activation for processing live payments.

I have not yet registered a company. Can I still sign up?

You just need a valid email ID to sign up for a Payabbhi Account and experience all available features in test mode.

Payments Acceptance

How can I try out the payment experience offered by Payabbhi?

Payabbhi Checkout can be experienced via our live demo. The transaction amount of Rs. 1 will be refunded to your account within 3-6 business days.

Do you support payment acceptance via Mobile Apps?

We provide Payabbhi Android SDK and iOS SDK for native Apps. We also support hybrid apps using Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap. Refer to Mobile SDKs section for details.

Do you support payment acceptance via standard Shopping cart solutions?

Yes, we do. Refer to Shopping Cart plugins section for details. If you do not see what you are looking for, drop us a line and we will add it in no time.

Do you support international credit cards?

Yes. We support payments acceptance via international credit cards. However this facility is enabled on a per Merchant-basis only receiving a specific request. Do note that enablement may take some time due to risk evaluation and further verification.

What currencies does Payabbhi support?

Currently, only INR is supported as the final settlement currency by Payabbhi.

Do you support EMI option for online payments?

Yes, we do. However, EMI option is enabled on specific request from a Merchant and is generally offered to businesses based on evaluation criteria like average ticket size etc. (since minimum transaction value of Rs. 3000 is required for a customer to be eligible for EMI option).

Can I send an email or sms receipt to my customer?

Yes. We recommend that you trigger an email or sms communication from your system after receiving a Verified Payment Response from Payabbhi as part of Checkout flow.

Can I make payments against an order which was earlier failed due to some reason?

Yes. Payment attempts can be made against an order until the order is paid.

Can you help us to integrate Payabhhi with our business?

Write to us with details and we will attempt to respond accordingly.

Account Activation

Can you activate a company not registered in India?

Currently, No. The company needs to be registered in India.

What documents are needed as KYC?

Go to Portal > My Account > Upload Documents for a list of documents to be provided as part of Know Your Customer (KYC). The list may vary based on various factors like business type (Individual, Partnership etc ) or business category (Ecommerce, Education etc). In certain cases, our Support team may reach out to you with request for other details than those mentioned here.

How do you ensure the privacy of the documents/information shared with you?

The privacy and security of customers data is of prime importance. Refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

Why do you need a website for Account Activation?

Website verification is part of our Activation process. This is as per Regulatory requirements / Risk Management practices prevalent in India.

What are the criteria for website verification?

Refer to our Website verification criteria at Portal > My Account > Website Details. Do note that criteria may be updated from time to time.

Do you have a Go-Live Checklist for a merchant?

Refer to Go Live Checklist for our recommendations.

Payments and Refunds

How do I co-relate the Orders in my system with Payabbhi Orders?

The unique identifier of Orders in your system is represented by Merchant Order ID in the Payabbhi platform. Go to Portal > Orders and search by Merchant Order ID using the Order identifier value from your system to find the corresponding Order in Payabbhi.

How do I know if a Payment attempt is successful for any order?

Check the Payment status from the Portal > Payments. For a successful Payment, the Payment status is Captured - the status of the corresponding Order is Paid. Please refer to the following table for other relevant scenarios:

Scenario   Customer Action   Order.Status   Payment.Status
Payabbhi Order creation Not Applicable created Not Applicable
Payment Attempted Customer clicks on Pay button on Payabbhi checkout form but does not complete the payment flow (Ex. closed the form without providing payment credentials) payment_attempted created
Payment Completed Customer completes the payment flow with a successful transaction ( Ex : Provides credit/debit card information and OTP etc) paid captured
Payment Failed Customer completes the payment flow but the transaction is declined (Possible reasons are incorrect OTP, insufficient balance in card/account etc) payment_attempted failed

My customer has a query/complain about a payment. How do I look for the Payments made by my customer?

Go to Portal > Payments and search with your customer’s email ID or mobile number to retrieve Payments made by him.

Can you explain why Refund button is shown only for some Payments in the portal?

Refund can be requested only against successful Payments, that is, when the Payment status is Captured. Refund option is not applicable for those Payments where status is Authorized, Created or Failed. Hence refund button is not available for such records.

How do I refund a payment made by my customer?

Go to Portal > Payments and click on the Refund button and choose either full or partial refund. For partial refund, enter the partial refund amount. You may also enter the reason of refund for future reference. You may also use our Refund API.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my refund?

Refunds, once requested, cannot be cancelled.

Why does a payment fail?

Payments can fail due to various reasons. Some of these reasons are: insufficient fund in customer’s bank account, customer enters wrong OTP, incorrect card expiration date when attempted via debit/credit cards, etc. The reason for a payment failure is mentioned in the Payment Detail section.

What kind of reports can I expect from my Payabbhi account?

You can avail Daily and Monthly Payments, Refunds and Orders reports from your Merchant Portal. After each settlement cycle, a Settlement Report is also shared from Payabbhi.

How do I know how much have been paid by different payment instruments as Cards, NetBanking, Wallets?

Go to Portal > Dashboard for a breakup of Transaction value across payment instruments such as: Credit Card, Debit Card, NetBanking, Wallet and UPI.


When is the payout amount transferred to my bank account?

Usually, payout amounts are processed in t+ 2 business days, t being the transaction date. Do note that Payouts happen only on bank business days.

Why has there been a delay in payout to my Bank Account?

Payouts happen only on bank business days. Payouts scheduled on bank holidays and weekends will be received when your bank opens for business functions.

How do I know that the money has been transferred to my Bank Account?

You will receive an email from our nodal banking partner once the payout has been initiated to your registered bank account. Please check the Payment advice shared in that email for further clarity.

Can you pay the settlement amount by cheque?

No. The payout will happen directly to your bank account registered with us.

Is there any reference number by which I can identify the payout in my bank account?

The unique reference number (UTR) is mentioned in the settlement report shared by Payabbhi. This can be used to identify the payout for any particular settlement in your bank account.

How do I get detailed breakup of the payout amount deposited in my Bank Account?

Please check the Settlement Report shared by Payabbhi at the end of each settlement cycle. This report contains the Payments for which the settlement has been done.

How do I get to know how much has been deducted as Payabbhi fees for any Payment transaction?

Go to Portal > Payments and click on any Payment. Check the Total Fees amount mentioned at the bottom of the Payment Detail page. Fees deducted for any Payment is also mentioned in the Settlement Report.

Why am I not receiving Settlement report via email from Payabbhi?

Go to Portal > My Account and check if your email id is registered as operational email id. Settlement Report is shared only with the operation email id registered with Payabhhi during Account Activation.

Account Management

Suggested Best practices:
  1. Payabbhi Merchant Portal should be accessed only by authorized persons.
  2. Security of Live API Keys must be ensured at all times without exception.
  3. Payment transaction details available at Portal > Payments should be regularly reviewed.
  4. Settlement Reports should be reviewed regularly and reconciliation should be carried out with internal records.
  5. Report to us immediately if you observe any fraudulent transaction or suspicious operation in your Payabbhi account.
  6. Keep your contact details ( contact number and email) updated in Payaabhi Merchant Portal at all times.

Can I change the email ID used for sign up at a later point?

No. The email ID used for sign-up serves as the unique identifier of your Payabbhi Account. There is no provision for updating this email ID after sign-up. A new account is created every time you sign up with an email ID.

An Account Management best practice that we therefore recommend is to use generic email IDs (e.g. payments@yourcompanyname.com) for your official or company Payabbhi Account. This is typically the account which has been activated for live keys and is therefore capable of processing live transactions.

How do I change my Bank Account details?

Write to us from your registered email Id with subject line as: Bank Account Update. We will send an email confirmation once the change is completed at our end. It typically takes 3-5 business days for the change to reflect in further Settlement cycles.

Go to Portal > Settings > Customization Details. Configure the business logo and theme colour as per your branding needs. Your custom settings will be automatically reflected in Payabbhi Checkout.

NOTE: These settings can be overriden via Checkout Configuration options programmatically. Contact your Technical team for further information or refer to Integration Guide.

Can I update my GSTIN from the Portal?

Write to us from your registered email Id with subject line as: GSTIN Update. We will send an email confirmation once the change is completed at our end.

Where can I find Payabbhi’s GSTIN?

Payabbhi’s GSTIN is available at Portal > Profile.

How can I cancel my Payabbhi live account?

Please write to us from your registered contact email address.

I forgot my password for Payabbhi Portal. What should I do?

Reset your password using Sign In > Forgot Password.

How do I change my password?

Change your password from Portal > Profile.

My business is operating from multiple locations in India. How do I accept payments for these locations?

At this point we do not support the use-case as described. However drop us a line and we will try to help out.

Help and support

How do I get in touch with Payabbhi?

You may get in touch with our representatives in one of the following ways:

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM - 6 PM